Why weekends should be longer.

         Weekends are two days (Saturday and Sunday) that we should relax and forget everything, the children do (their lessons) and the adults do(their paperwork).

         In reality, however, on the Weekends the children do all their studying to be ready for Monday, and the adults do their paperwork to be ready as well, resulting in a lot of suffering. So the  Weekends are like the rest of the week.Τo set things straight we will definitely find a little more time to do some activity but it will be a maximum of two hours a day.

          So Weekends are nothing special…

         If I could, I would put in an extra day, which I would just call “Relaxed”.It would be a day when we would sit down and do a lot of things (excursions, parties, walks and much more)with this day we would definitely see everything in our lives very nicely and there would be no whining and anger …..You never know what might happen … I will always hope for that

                   For this, as soon as you have free time, spend it creatively,with your loved ones ♥.

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