The scary falls

Well, in 1968, lived in a small wooden house in a beautiful quiet village in Canada, four children with their grandmother. One day in school, when they did theatrical education and their teacher read a book, she said for a god, Heno, who live next to Niagara Falls.The book for Heno said that if you go to do harm in animals and plants around from the lake before the waterfall, the god will attack you with his animals and  the fire, the wind and the water. But, the childrens didn’t believe in that and they tried to go there. The next day, the three boys went to their sister to told her to went there but she scaried and they decided to went alone, without to ask their grandmoter. One boy from they was very lively and he climbed on a tree to went near the lake. As in all, the god harmed he and his brothers, throwing them in dangerous waters. When someone tried to found them and he didn’t know the story, died.

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