What you need to change Ranks?

Our Ranks are like levels in a game and the only thing you need to do to change ranks is gain K.redit points! The more K.redit points you have, the higher the Rank that you go! Remember, we need K.redit points to help the Gems of Knowledge gain power and stop the evil D’motivate.

 For each level you get a badge. Keep working hard and keep gaining points to change level. See you Rank from here:

Have a look at our Rank badges in levels here

Level 1 – Newbie

Everyone starts at this level. Hopefully you will not have this Rank for long! If you are still an Newbie, it means you are not even logging in to look at your classwork!

From 0 to 3.000 K.redit points

Level 2 – Cadet


You are doing great, but you can do better. Cadet means someone who is training to become an officer. Don’t just be a trainee. Join our higher ranks now and become an officer of the Houses of KEDU.

From 3.001 to 20.000 K.redit points

Level 3 – Regent


You are awesome! Keep going and achieve a higher rank than a Regent Officer of KEDU.

From 20.001 to 30.000 K.redit points

Level 4 – High Duke

Fantastic. You are doing great! Achieving the High Duke status is not easy. You must be really working hard!

From 30.001 to 40.000 K.redit points

Level 5 – Royal Consort

Most students will never reach this rank! Congratulations, you will also have a place on our leaderboard!

From 40.001 to 70.000 K.redit points

Level 6 – Chieftain

This is it. Not many have ever made it to this Rank. Chieftain means a high ranking office of KEDU. Their abilities are above excellent and when they have to serve and protect, do a wonderful job.. Be proud of yourselves.

From 70.001 to 120.000 K.redit points 

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