We are in quarantine many days now for the second time and this thing affects our lives.

To be honest, I would say that I really liked quarantine but if you are kinda unstable it isn’t really good. My parents don’t agree with me saying that I like quarantine because it has affected me and I have done things now in quarantine that made them feel very scared.

It is true that everything has changed now. We don’t go outside not even for school We have to do everything on the computer. Also, we become very anti-social; they say that when we finish with all that we are going to scream when someone “dares” to come near us. I know that many people feel very annoyed because they lost everything they did.

Anyway, quarantine affects everyone differently, and some feel good and they like it and some they just hate the whole thing. But that is our life for now and we have to accept it.


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  • Difficult times we are going through, Magda. We have to just hang in there and be patient for this to blow over. We will be ok in the end and you’ll see that the “normal” after quarantine might be a bit different. However, I mostly believe it will be better for all of us!

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