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At our school we love to read

We believe that instilling the love of books in our students is our obligation. Due to the rise of digital technology, nowadays  books are not considered to be in fashion any more. So from a very young age we try to encourage students to read books and to learn to love reading books. We have been building our school library for many years and believe it is our treasure trove.

From a young age, not only do we encourage students to loan our books and read them in class but also in their own time, alone or with the help of mum and dad. We take this procedure a step further, we challenge our students to write book reviews and present these reviews to class. With the use of technology, from home we get our students to record their presentation of their own book review. This encourages fluency, summarising skills and presentation skill together. 

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Why we love to read books

In just one school year we managed to collect over a thousand book review presentations from our students. We believe that this mind-blowing number is something to be proud of and that we have managed to get many young minds to love to read books. We will continue to promote the love of book reading in our school and hopefully we will continue to get our students to read for pleasure.

Below is a list we put together with some of the many benefits that reading gives you apart from just the journey it offers to you:

Reading stimulates your imagination

When reading a book and looking at the pictures, your mind travels to new worlds and dreams about adventures and challenges that you’re also reading about. This helps your imagination grow and when confronted with real life challenges your imagination could be the key to unlocking the answer!

Reading improves your focus and concentration skills

In today’s internet-crazed world where fast paced multimodality blooms and scrolling social media is quickly going through your mind, trying to concentrate is not as easy as it was earlier in history without these abstractions. Children nowadays find it hard to concentrate and focus for long periods of time and the rise of hyperactivity is eminent. However, you don’t need a teacher to tell you that the more you read the more focused you learn to become. It’s like working out or training for your favourite sport, the more you practice the better you become in enduring your sport. Read a book and learn to focus on it and concentrate for longer periods of time with ease!

Reading improves your analytical skills

Think about reading a Mystery novel, have you ever solved the Mystery before the end of the book by thinking about the details you uncovered while reading? Maybe you used critical and analytical thinking to do so? 

These same critical skills allow you to think about the plot of the book you have just finished, to decide whether the book was well written or not and to make a decision on whether the writer developed the characters of the book enough or not. Then in a furter discussion with others or in your review you will have the ability to analyze what you read and to state your opinion in a clear and concise manner.

Indeed, in our problem-stricken world analytical skills are needed more than ever. These skills give the ability to collect and analyze information, to think of solutions to problems and to make decisions. 

Reading helps us build up our vocabulary

It is true that words and phrases help you understand a language, and the more you have knowledge of these the easier it gets to understand and to use the language of interest. This is even more so true when learning a foreign language. At first there could be a lot of words that are unknown to you and you might need to translate a lot of words to understand what you are reading. As you read more and more pages you will improve and in many cases you will understand words by the context of what your are reading. This means that you will pick up the meaning of words from within the sentences without needing to find it in a dictionary. It has been proven that the more you read books the more you become acquainted with new words and pick up such phrases in your everyday life. 

Also, it is well known that book readers possess a richer vocabulary and are better equipped to produce precise sentences that attract interest and offer clarity from their expressions. 

Reading improves your writing skills

Not only do you pick up on new words but you also get to learn many really cool phrases which could help you stand out when writing. Having a lot of words in your head can make it real easier for you to express yourself in writing. Many times do people struggle to write because they have what they want to say in their head but the words just don’t come out right on paper. The more you read the easier writing will get for you.

Reading has profound effects on memory

Reading affects your memory. While reading a book, among a lot of other things, you have to remember the characters and what they do and how they affect the plot of the story. This is not such an easy task to do without using your memory to do so! In addition, when you read you often stop to think about an interesting scene and imagine it in your head. This is not so easy to do while watching a movie or while listening to something.

Nowadays, brain science has proven that the more you use your memory to create new synapses, the more you train your memory to store larger chunks of information in your head and all this can be done just by reading books

Reading makes you smarter

When reading books you become acquainted with new and old worlds and with a plethora of other types of knowledge which you could use in the real world. This increases your intelligence and helps you know more in the world than you could learn from just your teachers.

Reading is fun!

My number one reason to read is for the fun of it! Reading is fun and enjoyable and once you get used to it you will always find the time to relax and enjoy reading. Many people say that reading also reduces stress and can help maintain those anxiety levels to a low. So grab a book and start reading today. Remember that you are always welcome at our school library!

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