Let's share our favourite movie or short video and share it with the rest of the world! #MyVideoReview Quest

Welcome to another Houses of KEDU Quest

My Video Review Quest

Do you have a favourite movie or short video that you would like to share with the rest of us? Why not write a review about it and make a FlipGrid review too! This Quest was created to share our favourite movies or video clips with the all members of the Houses of KEDU.    


Entry rules

This Quest is open to all members of KEDU and is very easy to enter! 


To enter:

1. find your favourite video or movie and share the URL.

2. Describe it to the rest of us and tell us why you like it.

3. Add a catchy title to it and enter! (A catchy title is an interesting title that will make someone want to read your review)


Class Level Minimum Requirements:
Junior A & B – 2 sentence description

Senior A& B – 3 sentence description
Senior C&D – 4 sentence description 
B2, C2 at least 5+ sentences for the description.

*if your review is copied from somewhere else or it is not the correct length your K.redit points will be removed.


For this Quest only one entry is per week is allowed by each participant so choose your video wisely. 

Quest Prizes

This Quest is open to all students of KEDU and members who upload their movie or short video review will automatically receive 500 K.redit points and will also get another 500 K.redit points if you add a FlipGrid movie review too!

Quest Badge:


Everyone who enters this quest will receive this badge!


For any questions please contact
Mr Mike.

Add your review here:

Mission Entries:

This is where your reviews will be shown after you press “Add your review here” button.

Upside Down Magic ✨

Video Summary: Upside-Down Magic is a family movie directed by Joe Nussbaum. The main characters are Nory and Reina played by Izabella Rose and Siena Agudong. In this movie, a

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Video Summary: The genre of this movie is a family film. Aladdin is a 2019 American live-action animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Guy Ritchie,

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Video Summary: This video is about a little dog, Hachi, whose master was a professor who loved dogs. Everyday Hachi was following his master at the train station and in

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Mary Poppins returns

Video Summary: The title of this movie is Mary Poppins Returns and it is a musical fantasy film directed by Rod Marshall and written by Walt Disney. This movie based

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avengers the infinity war

Video Summary: This movie is about avengers and all the superheroes of marvel become one for one focus to kill Thanos because Thanos begins to get all the magic stones

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Beauty and the Beast

Video Summary: This movie is called Beauty and the Beast. It’s about a prince that a witch transformed him in a ugly beast.Belle went to the castle to save his

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Home Alone

Video Summary: Dear Dimitri. How are you . How did you spend your time in holidays.Me and my family had launch on Christmas day. I also watched a lot of movies

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Οοοps Noah is gone

Video Summary: Dear Deppie How are you ? What have you been doing in Quarantine? I have been watching many movies with my family.Yesterday afternoon I watched an interesting movie,

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Home Alone

Video Summary: This book is about one boy is home alone. Level of entry: Junior B URL of video: Video link here

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

Video Summary: This movie is about a boy whose name is Peter Parker and he goes on holiday with his friends to Europe. Tony Stark when he was killed in

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The Santa Clause

Video Summary: Τhis movie is about a man who had divorced his wife and this year was his turn to pass Christmas with his son. His son, Charlie, didn’t believe

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