This mission ends on the 14 February at 11.59pm.

My Favourite Toy mission is here!

Welcome to our third Houses of KEDU 2 Mission 4 (Special edition Junior A & Junior B)

Mission goal

Do you have a favourite toy? If you show us a photo or draw a picture about it.

Share your favourite toy with us! 

Entry rules

This mission is open to Junior A and Junior B student members of KEDU English School only.

This mission has two parts. You can do one part or both of them if you like!


Part  1: To enter, take a photo or draw your favourite toy and describe it in a sentence or two!


Part 2: Show us your toy on FLipGrid and tell us why you like it so much!

Tip: To enter, use the form below!

Mission Prizes

This mission is open to Junior A and Junior B students of KEDU and members who upload their blogpost will automatically receive 500 K.redit points and when they are judged by our judges they will receive a badge and another 5000 K.redit points too!

If you do the Flipgrid you get another 5000 K.redit points! That’s 10.000 K.redit points in total!!

Mission Badge:

level 1
You have successfully completed the My Favourite Toy mission Level I (blogpost)
Level 2
You have successfully completed the My Favourite Toy mission Level 2 (blogpost+ flipgrid)

Mission Entry Form:

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Enter the title: Mission: My Favourite Toy

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Mission FlipGrid Form:

The guest password is the same for all the school. If you don’t know it, ask your teacher or Mr Mike (You can use the chat button from here!)

Mission Entries:


MY favorite toy is LEGO. I am spending a lot of time with constructions with LEGOS and I like to create a fantasy world with my LEGO. Also, I have

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This is my elephant.It’s a elephant doll. It’s a soft toy. It’s pink and  it’s big. It’s my favourite toy.

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My favourite toy

Hello my name is Helen .   My favourite  toy is a doll. it’s a  plastic toy . it’s  pretty and small. I  LOVE MY TOY  

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Board games

I love board games because I play with my family, we have a lot of fun together There are so many different board games… So i never get bored My

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My favourite toy

το παιχνίδι μου είναι μια κούκλα είναι χαρούμενο παιχνίδι. Παραιτώ το παιχνίδι μου

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my fanoyrite toy

My favourite toy is Fortnite is a video game.In this game you can play with your friends.You can build you house and you can fight with other people.I like Fortnite

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My favourite toy! This is my monopoly fortnite! It s a hard toy. It s purple and it s big.

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My favorite toy

This is my lego Spiderman. It  is my favorite toy.It’s a plastic.It is small pieces.It’s red colour and blue.

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