Welcome to the Houses of KEDU

Hello and welcome to the Houses of KEDU. This is a place where each one of you is special and has their own special ability which is needed to protect the forces of good from the Great Evil. In this school, our chosen method of learning is making an honest effort, making mistakes and then retrying until you succeed. We do this by applying game-like ideas in our training which will allow you to participate and learn and have fun doing it too. We will attempt to connect with you in finding language through cooperation and ask you to do extra tasks to help you grow and improve.

How does gamification work?

The Houses of KEDU uses a point system in which you will be awarded points called K.redits for when you participate in class or complete quests, missions and challenges. You can also get awarded special badges for when you do things in the foreign language you are learning. When you enter through our gates to the Houses of KEDU you will be classified into one of four houses based on your abilities. Your house will be your clan and will help you in the battle between good and evil.

Origin of the House of KEDU

The house of KEDU was built after the century-long war between good – Prince Kedu and evil – D’motivate.

D’motivate was once a member of our house but was driven to evil after the sudden loss of a loved one causing his hatred towards humanity to grow larger. His evil multiplied after discovering the portal leading to the utopian dimension named Oblivion. Upon entering he was blessed with powers but instead of seeking inner peace he reaped havoc on this dimension.

Prince Kedu was once a beloved teacher in the ancient school. This teacher was drawn into Oblivion when the portal was opened by D’motivate in order to return to this world to conquer it. Because of this, he obtained powers the same as D’motivate but instead of joining forces with him he led the battle against D’motivate and helped to bring balance to both dimensions.

They say that our school was built on the remains of the ancient school and the portal to travel to the utopian dimension lies somewhere under the school.

For centuries D’motivate and his forces have laid in wait regaining their powers and gathering followers to start another war for the domination of both our world and the utopian dimension.

Season 1: 2019-2020

Prince Kedu had devised a plan if D’motivate was ever to attack again. He sent a letter stating the problem and asked us to split all students into three houses:

  1. The Dark Eagles

  2. The Stray Hawks

  3. The Grand Condors

Our students were trained and went on missions and challenges and were ready for when D’motivates attacked again.

In season 1, D’motivate eventually attacked the House of KEDU but our valent students where prepared; they lead the attack against him and succeeded in driving him back. The many achievements of the winning house, the Dark Eagles, helped stop the invasion in our world. However, during the summer, D’motivate escaped through the portal to Oblivion and some of our students when after him. When they arrived, they discovered that ‘Oblivion’ was surrounded by vast forests. These forests were powered by four special elements of fire, water, earth and wind. Each element has its own Gemstone and is guarded by its guardians, the Guardians of Power. They too were harmed by the evil D’motivate. Over time though, these students gained their trust and formed alliances with them. In the meantime, D’motivate was trying to use the power of the gemstones to regain his strength and try to attack our world again.

Season 2 - 2020+

Now to restore the power of the gemstones and help Prince Kedu for the fight for good precious K.redits points are needed.

At our school, our learners have been chosen to form four new houses with the names inspired by the alliance with the four Guardians of power.

  • The Alley dogs (Water Gemstone)

  • The Thunder fox (Fire Gemstone)

  • The Chimp fans (Air Gemstone)

  • The Grizzly Bears (Earth Gemstone)

These four houses protect the gemstones whose power is currently at an all-time low.

The houses unite the students under one flag and purpose to fight for a cause and to restore the power of the Gemstones. This is done by collecting K.redit points.

This helps to strengthen the stones and stop D’motivate. So, please, we need your help in our world to gain points and beat the evil.

This way we are working together in this game and also to learn foreign languages using different types of methodologies to achieve new higher levels of learning.

How to gain K.redits ?

K.redits are small sources of power that drive the gemstones. You can collect these points by actively participating in our class activities gaining badges and also participating in out of class missions and challenges. Most badges awarded come with 1000K.redit point value and are given by your teachers. Some are offered when you attend events like spelling bees and Christmas pageants. 

Quests are competitions which are connected to writing for our blog, reading books and doing book reviews. These are worth 500K.redit points each time. Missions are competitions which are usually awarded with a lot more K.redit points like 5000K.redits and a badge, but they usually end after a certain time. Challenges are there all year long and are usually about 1000K.redit points.

What are Badges ?

Badges are for you to display how well you a doing in our school. You also get k.redits points from actively achieving badges. Badges are a symbol of achievements and are on display on your profile on our KEDU.space platform.

Click here to see our Houses of KEDU Badges showcase

What are Ranks ?

You gain a rank according to your achievements and the points you have earned. Ranks allow you to have access to special powers.

What are Leaderboards ?

Leaderboards show the top 60 students in our school. They are there to help you push yourself to do more and learn more and nothing else. The leaderboards are broken down in three parts. 

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