Home Alone 1(Movie Review)!!!

Home Alone 1(Movie Review)!!!

This movie is called Home Alone 1. It’s about a young boy, Kevin, whose family was leaving to Paris for vacation during the Christmas holiday. They were all very excited for this journey because they had never gone to Paris again. But unfortunately, they forgot Kevin at home because the morning they were leaving they slept more and almost missed their flight. So when they wake up and they understood that they were late they started running from here to there and like that they forgot Kevin at home. They understood that they had forgotten him at home when they were on the plane, travelling to Paris. When Kevin wake up and he didn’t see anyone at home he thought that it was just a joke but after some time he realized that his family won’t going to come back for some days. Unfortunately two thieves were at the neighborhood and they wanted to get in that house and steal everything. Again unfortunately for Kevin, the two thieves spotted him in the house and they knew that he was inside. One day Kevin heard from the two thieves that they were going to come to the house again to get in it that night at 9 o’clock. But Kevin wasn’t scared of them but he was very brave and he told to himself the phrase: “This is my house and I will defend it!!!” His plan was well-prepared and he was sure about it.


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