Dealling with the problem of homelessness.

Homelessness is defined as living in housing that is below the minimum standards or lacks secure tenure. This is a really serious problem all over the world, that’s why it’s a global issue. For various reasons millions of people don’t have a house to live and they suffer from homelessness. But the question is: How we can help those people?
To begin with, we can donate money to charities. To give an example funds are used to open homeless shelters. As a result, homeless people would have a safe and caring place to go.
Additionally, the government assists with paying the rent for people who cant afford it. For instance, people on low incomes can get assistance. Consequently, homeless people could afford a place to live in.
Lastly, we can organize job training schemes. For example, help homeless people to find work. Therefore fewer people become homeless.
In conclusion, I firmly believe that tackling the problem of the homeless is not impossible. We can all share the responsibility, and we have to take action now!

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