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The Bull Festival

The Bull sacrifice is an annual festival that takes place in Lesvos,Greece. Its held in the Monastery of Taxiarchis at the village Madamados. It is celebrated a week after Easter and its a three day village feast.

Based on an ancient tradition, a bull is decorated with a beautiful flower crown before being sacrificed. It is then turned into a dish called “kisketi” with wheat. Visitors enjoy eating this speacial dish. People browse around looking at many different stalls that merchants have set up. You can buy whatever you need and find good bargains. Some others prefer to go horse riding since many locals arrive at the Monastery on horseback.

I personally do not like the bull being sacrificed publicly but other than that I really like and reccomend that you do not miss this opportunity to ride the horses and miss this festival. It is a thrilling and an unforgettable experience.


The Molyvos International Music Festival

The Molyvos International Music Festival is a unique project to bring together the greatest young talents for a celebration of world classic music.

It is held every year from 16th August to 19th August in the Molyvos castle. During this unique event, you will have the opportunity to listen to famous musicians along with new ones. Also do not miss the chance to walk through the cobblestone alleys of Molyvos and visit the fascinating castle place on the top of the hill.

If you love classical music then the Molyvos International Music Festival is a place for you!

Tegeas Festival

In my home town there is a festival that takes place in the village Tegea. It is an annual festival that happens every August.

It is the most exciting part of the summer. It lasts one week from 13nth to 19th of August. We celebrate 15th of August in honor of

Holly Mary. Me and my family used to go every night, it is a tradition for us. There is no summer without this festival!

First we walk through the row of shops, we buy things that we like, we eat candy flos, roasted corn and ofcourse with my friends

we go to Luna Park and we have so much fun. Then the last stop is at the taverna where we all eat greek souvlaki and talking and

sharing  eachother all the new games or things that we saw this year. People from my town Tripoli love it and they go every day

and night. From all over Peloponnese came people for this festival. Every year it is so much croweded. It is a festival that takes place for 136

years. Only two times this festival got postponed in 1940, at second World War and 2020 with Covid 19!!

I enjoy so much being there with my friends and family, we have so many memories and I can’t wait till we go again!!


A letter to santa claus

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good person this year. I have gotten good marks in school and I have tried my best so I would really appreciate getting a good gift this year. The gift I want is a Playmobil castle.I am sending you this letter now so you have plenty of time to get my present ready. Please don’t forget your covid shot so that you don’t get sick.


Thank you for your time.

Aristidis @@@@@.

The Keramidotrehalos !!!! ( ^ _ ^ )

Last month I went with my class to the theatre to see a funny play . We all had a great  time because we laughed so much . The name of the play ” The Keramidotrehalos ” is for all ages . It’s about a boy who doesn’t likes cleanning his room and girl who likes sitting on roofs . The girl helps the boy to clean his room befor his mum comes home. The crazy girl rides on the broom and the boy ells her to be careful . Then what happen ?? Don’t miss it ! Go and see this play . It’s funny and I am sure that you will enjoy it .

Evi 👱‍♀️💌

A festival

Athens Open Air Film Festival

One of the most entertaining festivals in Greece is the Open Air Film Festival which takes place in Athens. It begins in June and ends in September. Of course, it is in the evening so people of all ages can come.

This annual event celebrates both Greek and foreign films.  It is held in a different open air cinema every week. This is because they want the visitors to see different places in Athens. There visitors can watch films for free and meet new people.

All in all, this festival is great and everyone can have fun there. I always do so don’t miss it!

My favourite series !!!

My favourite series is My Hero Academia . Is a boy where has not magic and …  I can not tell you . Go to look at Netflix . My favoureti harakter is Momo . She is with red close and she is so sexi !!! Down right with red ones in the pictur holding a pole . YES !! she is !!  The magic is createve !! I have my profil with she !! By boys i like Soto !!     Is good boys and i like him has magic ! Ιn hisright hand it is ice and in the other it is hot !!!! I like very very very much !!❤❤❤❤❤

Evi 💌👱‍♀️

Athens& Epidavrous Festival.

  1. Athens and Epidavrous Festival constitutes evolution of Athens Festival,who began in 1955 after of actions of then Minister George Rallys. Is carried out every year to Athens and to Epidavrous of Peloponisos mainly to the theatres Irodou and Attikou Likavitou and to the Ancient theatre of Epitavrous.

Music festival in Eresos

 music festival in Eresos is a big festival in Eresos that becomes every year and famous singers come to sing in this event. It becomes at eight o’clock in the middle of July. At this festival, many times play music and little kids because they are talents. It holds in the Skala Eresos, in the Pangiouda next to the beach. Every year the festival is organized by the Eresos’s club. It lasts for 1 hour. There is one big stage where singers perform and there is a lot of chairs for the audience. I like this festival and every year I go there to see it. 

A famous festival in my country

The Book Festival in Athens, the largest book festival in Greece, is organised every summer in Zappeio or Thisio. It accommodates a lot of Greek publishers.

People can see a lot of authors and writers and ask them everything they want. They also can buy many books, sometimes very rare and they can learn about some books they are going to sell, too!

It lasts 5 days, 5 days of learning in the great world of books.


The pirates, holding the treasure chest, went out on a desert island. So at night they slept on the beach and then a rabbit went slowly and stole their treasure. In the morning when the pirates woke up and saw that the treasure was missing they started arguing with each other and as they were arguing they saw the rabbit throwing the treasure into the sea and inside the trunk he had stored his carrots.

I like play with …….

I like play with my little hairy ball . I love it and I sleep with her . Is red and beautiful !!! My cat play with it and my cat is so funny !!! The name of the ball is Pipi !!

By Evi !!😋👱‍♀️

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