KEDU Senior B

** A day in the farm**

One day Vicky and her grandmother went to her grandfather’s farm. Her grandmother told her to go get eggs from the henhouse but her grandfather came and closed the henhouse door. Vicky started shouting and knocking on the door lest someone should come. Luckily her grandmother came and opened the door and told her to calm down and showed her that there was a hidden door.

*In the farm

One day vicky’s grandma said ” Vicky please go to the chickens and take the eggs” Vicky agree. She went and she started collecting the eggs. One man locked Vicky in the coop. She started shouting “grandma grandma come open the door” Grandma went and opened the door and said “are you good honey?”                             “Yes grandma I’m fine now”.

The story with pirates

Two pirates have a map and a ship. They find an island and they are happy because they find a treasure.
It is night and the pirates are slepping. A rabbit steals the pirates treausure.
In the morning the pirates wake up and the pirates can’t see the treausure.
After that the pirates find the rabbit they are not happy because the rabbit puts carrots in the box and the rabbit is throwing the gold treausure in the water.

Roller skating in the supermarket

Once upon a time Jack, Zoe and their mum were outside the supermarket. Zoe and Jack saw a boy who was roller skating. In the supermarket, the boy was running so fast and hit Jack. They fell down and mum was very angry and shouted at the boy. The boy said sorry.


Once upon a time there lived some pirates who looking for a big treasure  as they searched  and searched until the treasure was found and the went to sleep as the were sleeping a rabbit went and picked it up the next morning the piratessaw that the treasure was missing  they went and searched everywhere but then they  saw a rabbit having their treasure and taking it in a river to put his carrots in so the pirates lost their treasure.

**A day in super market**

A day Zoe and Jack with their mum went at supermarket. There was a boy with name James with his rollers. He ran fast and he fell down. Children’s mum panished James and he learn his lesson. This day James with his family moved to the same neighborhood where Zoe ana Jack live. The kids saw James and they tell on their mum she went at James’ house and tell on his mum where she knew.



One day two pirats who live on a island find a treasure with their map. The pirats are sleeping and a clever rabbit take the treasure and leave.When the pirats wake up they are looking for the treasure. When they see the rabbit who take the treasure they run towards him.But they see something anbelivable the rabbit throw the treasure in the sea and put her carrots in the treasure’s box

How to upload a blog post on kedu space

  • Go to the  kedu space website.
  • Go to your account  and login .
  • Click on button to Add a new blog post.
  • Than write the title and write text about your blog.
  • Go to  Google search for the photo you like most about you  blog post.
  • Click on Add my bl0g post.

Instructions how to upload a blog post!

Hi Deppy.                                                   I will show you how to enter kedu space and know to make a blog post. Well, first search kedu space and after wards click on it. When you connect to it click in right and next write your password. After wards you will see a card. Press “blog post” and add a blog post. When load click on lines and write.

The pirates

Two pirates found a treasure on a island with their map. At night they went for sleeping and a rabbit took the box with the treasure. At morning the pirates woke up and they were looking for the treasure. They didn’t see the rabbit running behind them. At the end the pirates found the rabbit with the box  full of carrots. The rabbit through the treasure in the sea because wanted the box for the carrots.

How to do a blog post

First of all go to the google and write kedu.Then do a account when you finish the account go to the left and you see add a new blog post click on that and write the title of the blog post then write your blog post and wen you finish click add the blog post and you are ready.


On picture 1 they are pirates and they have a tresure.On the 2 picture a rabbit steal the tresure when the pirates sleeping.On the 3 picture the pirates stand up at the morning and they aren’t see the tresure.On the 4 picture the rabbit throw the tresure in the see and in the box he puts carrots.

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