KEDU Senior A

My bedroom

In my bedroom there is one bed. There are a lot of toys.

There is a desk and a chair. Also there is a window next to the bed.

My bedroom is white.

By: Christine

My favourite dish

My favourite dish is pasticcio, because i like spaggeti and minced meat and with the bechamel is more taste.The things that we need for pasticcio is the eggs, the oneon,salt, pepper and the spaggeti, the minced meat and the bechamel. First, we boil the spaggeti and the minced meat. The minced meat we must boil with the curing and the vengetables.We make the bechamel and after,we put in order all this things and in the end, we bake them.

My favorite recipe



olive oil





He wash the potatos and peel them. After that we put the potatos in a small saucepan and we boil them until they became soft. We drain the water and we press the potatos in the saucepan with a special tool until they break into smaller smaller pieces. Then, we add some olive oil, some butter, some salt and pepper and we keep pressing until they become a puree.


My favourite recipe

Nectarine,strawberry and bananna smoothie.


1 nectarine

75g of strawberries

1 banana

125gr og strawbwrry yoghurt

Peel and stone the nectanine

Peel the bananna and chop

Wash the strawberries

Add all the ingredients in a bowl and use a liquidizer or hand blender.


My favorite dish

My favorite dish is pasta with minced meat. It is served with cheese. It is my favorite food because it is very tasty. It is a very famous dish in Greece. And my favorite sweet is ice cream.

Myn favourite dish.

I have two favourite dishes.The first is pasta with meat and the second favourite dish is chicken with potatoes.I don’t forget the sweets.I love sweets.

The phonecall

I can see a woman with brown hair who is talking to the phone and a little girl with red hair.Maybe the woman is girls mother.The girl is reading a book and she is sitting on the stairs.There is a table and a mirror.On the table there is a vase with red flowers and a telephone.On the floor there is a green carpet.


A room with stairs

I can see a room with stairs. A girl is sitting on the stairs and is reading a book. Her mum is talking on the phone. There is a bookcase, a mat, a mirror and a table. On the table there is a vase with flowers.

A happy schoolyard

I can see a schoolyard. I can see two girls, who are playing basketball and a boy who is playing football. There is a box with many balls, a bike and a hopscotch. Also there are a lot of trees.

a famili piknik

in this picture a family they are in a picnic mom is drinking water and the boys are playing football dad is trying tocatch a fish the sun is shining thereis abasket with toys

a nice class

in this picture  i see a nicwe class  . i see the teacher writing on the board  and 2 childrens  the oe is a boy and the other one is a girl  the boy is reading  his book  and the girl is writing on her notebook . i see a big bookcase too right next to the door and 3 desks what a nice picture


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