KEDU Junior B


It’s a story about Elmer, a colorful elephant who was making jokes and wanted to be grey like others. This is why he went to a berry bush and shock it. All berries went down and covered his self, and looked grey like other elephants. Walked back to the herd and  nobody recognized him. Then shouted “BOOO” and everyone got surprised and laughed. Rain bursted and his patchwork started to show again and laughed. By that day, every year, they decorate themselves and celebrate.!!!!

Funny food 😅🥝

This is my funny food biscuit 🍪. It’s salty bitter and fanny . Look there are a lot of tomato 🍅 . There aren’t many cocoa , Just two for the eyes ! There is some cheese 🧀 for the nose.And what is there for the mouth ? Some onions .

My funny food

This is my funny pizza. It’s sweet and salty. Look! There is a lot of past. There aren’t many tomatoes, just two for the eyes! There are some onions for the nose. And what is there for the mouth? Some sugar.

My routine

Every day I wake up at 7 o’clock with my parents. We eat our breakfast and we see comics on TV. Then I wear my clothes and I go to school. At noon I return home and I do my homework with my mother, then I spend time with my family and I play with my cell phone. About half-past nine I go to bed.

My sandwich

There are some eggs in my sandwich. There are some tomatoes and some carrots and a lot of crisps in my sandwich.


My favourite sandwich!

There are some eggs in my sandwich.There are also some tomatoes, some carrots and a lot of crisps in it. In my sandwich, there isn’t any fish, any chicken and there aren’t any onions. It tastes salty! I love my sandwich and i want to eat it now!!!

My sandwich!!!

There   are   some   eggs    in   my   sandwich. There are some tomatoes and crisps. There isn’t any onions.There is a lot of cheese. My sandwich is tasty!!!



“REAL STEEL 2″is my favourite movie with robots, because it’s amazing adventure and contains various challenges!The main actor of the film are;Charles Kenton(Hu Jackman), Evangeline Lili, Max Kenton(Dakota Doyo), Finn(Anthony Mackie), Riki(Kevin Durand) and Aunt Debra(Hope Davis).In the plot of the story, Chalrles with Evangeline were separated and had made a child ago.Every summer, Charles takes the kid with him.All the years, Charles was engaged making robots and he put them in wrestling matches, but he was not so good and the kid help him to made a very good robot, and to takes place in big bets.

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