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Graffiti is the art of writing or drawing on a wall. Wall paintings existed since ancient times. I think that graffiti is a kind of art. Many public walls or other surfaces of public buildings are decorated with graffiti.

Although graffiti is recognized as a forum of Public art, in many countries painting on public property without permission is legal and could be punished as a crime. My opinion is that when people use paints, colors and fantasy they make art. But they have to respect the property of other people and of force they can’t express their political views in public locations.

Sometimes a graffiti artist chooses to hide his identity and expresses his views undercover. I think that this is not good because art is something beautiful and nobody can’t use it without accepting the responsibility.

Is graffiti a form of art?

Many people believe that graffiti isn’t a form of art and that it isn’t a legal action. In my opinion, I disagree because nowadays graffiti is a way of expression.

Graffiti is art because with this people can express their feelings and emotions. For example, they can draw images that decorate a street.

In addition, many people use graffiti to influence other people’s beliefs. For instance, they can raise awareness about an environmental issue.

On the other hand, graffiti can also be considered as art that vandalizes public and private properties.  Therefore, I strongly believe that street artists must ask for permission if they want to exhibit their work in public places.

In conclusion, graffiti can’t be referred to as a vandalism act but it isn’t right to damage someone’s property without permission. If graffiti is a form of art or an act of vandalism depends on the artist.


friendship is a great relationship between people having good friends makes people feel happy and fulfilled.

Friends bring more happiness to our lives. They share time and thoughts with us. They help us to reduce stress, give us comfort and joy. Having friends prevent loneliness and isolation. Spending time with loved people improves our mood. Help us to think positive and enjoy our life A good friend is a person who knows us best. We feel comfortable sharing our feelings even when our friend doesn’t agree with us, A good friend accepts us as we really are and gives advice helping us to improve ourselves, treated us with respect and honesty. Of course, this has to be mutual.

Actually, I believe that making really good friends is not simple and it’s getting more complicated as we get older. I think that the most important friendships are those we used to have in our childhood and we still have. My best friends are those I have met as I was much younger. We still are very close, have common activities and the same hobbies and interests. We know each other very well. I knew that they understand me and that always are by me even when they are not close to me.


The value of friendship


Many people say that in our days it is difficult to find real friends, but is this true? I disagree with them. I strongly believe that friends are very important to our life and everyone one day will find a friend.

Firstly life without friends is empty and boring. You haven’t a person that he will be next to you whenever you need him and will give you courage.

However, with friends you spend a lot of beautiful moments which you will remember forever. You hang out with them and you have fun. This has as a result, that you never feel loneliness.

On the other hand, you can sometimes argue with your friends but if you are real friends you will be fine again.

To conclude, I am against people who don’t believe that it is important to have friends because in my opinion life without friends is very difficult.


“Is graffiti art or vandalism? That word has a lot of negative connotations and alienates people, so no, I don’t like to use the word “art” at all ” Bansky said. In my opinion, graffiti is not art at all. I believe that graffiti is a form of vandalism.

Firstly, graffiti destroys some statues and cultural heritage. For example, in many countries when tourists want to visit  historical sights they came across graffiti on walls and leave with the impression that this country has no laws or punishments and citizens who disrespect their civilization.

Secondly, graffiti on public buildings is not something pleasant. For instance, in many schools and universities people write and draw things that are inappropriate to express their views and beliefs. In addition, others vandalize public transport and even private properties just to get their message across.

On the contrary, other consider graffiti as something creative. The people who paint such things are thought to be talented and use this way to express their inner concerns. I strongly believe this is a dramatic way to accomplish something and if they have such a desire to paint they can do it inside their own home or even their own property.

To sum up, graffiti has to stop ruining public places and private ownership. Graffiti is not beneficial in our community.

Graffiti is a form of vandalism or art?

Nowadays we can all observe that there is an increasing number of graffiti on walls. Many people believe that graffiti is a form of vandalism but others define it is a form of art. In my opinion, graffiti is a form of vandalism and not to be admired.

Firstly, if people want to Feature their artistic skills and views, they can do it on paper. Public walls are not made to be drawn on or for other purposes.

Secondly, public transport and private property are also vandalised by street artists. Consequently, these actions are illegal and people need to be punished.

However, graffiti is a way to express different feelings. Street artists use this means to publicize their concerns. As a result their drawings and slogans may be offensive.

Taking all the above into consideration, I strongly believe that graffiti is a form of vandalism and can’t be justified as art.

Why tourism is important?

Tourism nowadays is very important for all the countries. The main and basic reasons for it, is the benefits in economy and the creation of jobs position.

Tourism improves the economy of countries because of the money that tourists spend, with the result the countries win more money from the taxes, the creation of new jobs and the good promotion of itself. Tourists visit a country in order to see the cultural sites and museums of some cities, towns and villages and they also visit some beaches and natural sites and other places. In touristic countries, a lot of tourists come and it is one of the biggest profits of the country. The most of the profits come from hotels, café, museums, tourist shops and all the places that tourists visit, generally. But, the tourism must be of “quality” and the country must have other industries too.

Tourism is very important for every country as it offers many benefits.

“The Importance of Friendships”

“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies”, Aristotle said. From the past, friendships were, and still are, very important and beneficial in our life. In my opinion, having a friend will always make us happy and able to deal with our problems while we know that somebody supports us.

Firstly, as we all know, our friends always encourage us, in other words our friends are always a support for us. For example, when we have a serious problem and we don’t know how to deal with it, a real friend always advices us about what to do. Consequently, we will be always sure that somebody will always help us.

Secondly, having a friend means that we will be never alone. For instance, when we have a friend, we’re always together and we never feel loneliness. This means that having a friend is having a company.

Additionally, a friend always helps us deal with our problems. As a matter of fact, if we need somebody’s help, our friend will always help us. A real friend will be always with us when we need him/her.

Taking all in consideration, we end up to one conclusion: friendships are very important and beneficial in our life!

The Important Of Friendship!!!

First, friends bring happiness into our lives, and a lack of connection with them can be just as devastating as smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Good friends improve our mood. Happiness is said to be contagious. Happy and optimistic friends can form a more beautiful outlook on things and elevate our psychology. Οur friends give us the courage and confidence we need to keep going.

In childhood we begin to choose friends because we look alike, because we have common interests and as we lead into adolescence our friends become even more important to us, we identify with them, they support us, we trust them with our desires, our dreams and our difficulties .

Sometimes things are not very easy with friendships. Friendships do not last forever, but that does not mean that there are no friendships that last a lifetime. Most of the time friendships fade and naturally weaken over time. This happens as friends’ lives, interests and priorities change. Thus, some move, others take on new responsibilities in their lives as a result of which they move away.

But I do not think that means that the friendship is really over. Many times the separation of the two friends is a necessary developmental stage of the friendship where after a while the friends have matured, adapted to their lives and returned to building the relationship, and this time stronger.

When Pythagoras (philosopher) was asked what a friend is, he replied: “He who is your other self,

That is why I personally believe that friendships are necessary!!!

The importance of friendship

“Friendship is the only cement that will hold the whole world together” Woodrow Wilson T. said. Nowdays, many people say that have a true friendship but this is not correct. In my opinion, a strong friendship ca be found difficulty because this days people do not want your good.

Firstly, a friend is giving courage to us. This is beneficial because with a friend giving us courage , we can achieve our goals and pass the problems and difficulties of life.

Secondly , friendship reduces the risk of people suffering from loneliness. For example if people suffer loneliness, it may damage their health. It is possible being not easy situations that people can not pass.

On the other hand, friendship can hurt us. For instance, we may have an argument and one of us fall in depression of the fight. This is not beneficial because this mean heart broking or hurt feelings 😥

In conclusion, friendship is very important but we can have a true friendship very difficult and it might take time to find a friend that accepts you the way you are.

The importance of friendship

Friendship, a word nobody really knows what it means. Something that we all know about that word is that everybody needs it to survive. Living without a friend is like living in a place where nobody else exists. Many people say that living without friends it’s easier than it looks like, but I don’t stand by that. And this is why. 

To begin with, a common thing that friends do is giving courage. By giving courage to someone we encourage them to do many things. Also giving courage means to support our friends on a difficult time, by telling them all the positive things in a situation.  This can help them see clearer on a time they can’t.    

Secondly, a very important point with having no friends is feeling lonely. Loneliness can be a very harmful disease, if you let it.   It can be good and bad for you. Many people like being alone, because they like quiet, but I think that after some time you will get a feeling that feels like something is missing.  

Lastly having no friends can make you to take your life away. Without even noticing it, it can make you feel that your life, isn’t worth it anymore. On our days, when people commit suicide is usually because they don’t have a single friend to be there on their side when we need them most. Another information about suicide, is that most of them are teenagers. 

In conclusion, we can understand that friends are a pretty big deal in our life. Without them we wouldn’t be the persons that we are now. So, if we can solve a pretty big problem with just being there for each other, why we don’t do it? 


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