KEDU Senior D (B1)

Our problems at school.

Dear Mr Jones,

Im writing to inform you about a very serious issue concerning our school.

As you are aware we have three scholls on our premises. A High School, a Primary School and a Kindergarten. This is not practical because we have small children running around all the time. hiting and kicking others.

Also during the breaks we do not have enoughspace to sit and play.

I suggest building a new High School without a Primary School and a Kindergarten.Each school should have its own property.

I would appreciate your immediate attentio9n to this matter.


Chrisavgi Tsourma

An email to the headmaster

Dear Mr Brown,

I am sending you this email to inform you about a problem that we are dealing with at our school.My name is Pashalis and i am in the second year of high school.

The problem is our maths teacher.He does not  have enough materials to make our lesson more interesting and we all wish our teacher would make more an effort while preparing the lesson.

The students and I feel that you need to talk to out maths teacher about making our lesson more enjoyable and helping him to have whatever is needed to teache us.

Thank you for your time


Pashalis Dule

An e-mail

Dear Mr. Green,

I am sending you this e-mail to tell you about the problems in our school. I am a student and feel the need to express my concern.

The problems at our school are that the classrooms are small and old and need to fixed. Also our school has a shortage of teachers. You are aware that we do not have an English,French,or German teacher.

I would also like to add that you have to make some changes to the old computers in the computer lab. These school needs are important to make our school a decent one like all the other schools.

Thank you,

George Kapetanelis!

School Problem

Dear Mr. Chatzilambrou

I am writing this e-mail to report the problem my classmates and I are facing at school.

Our problem is that our German teacher talks to us in a disrespectful way and does not allow us to go to the WC and when she gets angry even tells us to shut up.

In my opinion teachers should not act in that way and should be kind and respectful the way we are to them .I would like to ask you to talk to this teacher and maybe ask her to be nice to us .

This will help us to have lessons in peace and enjoy learning.

Thank you for considering my opinion

Kind regards

Casey Zekthi


Dear Mr Smith,

I am sending you this email to mention some problems we are having at our school and as a stundent I am very concered .

First of all the most important problem is that we do not have many classrooms and  they are not big enough . The stundents believe that you shuld build big classrooms and also renovate the  small classes into have  ones . This will help all the stundents to have more space and have many different lessons.

  Secontly , the Music School  which is right next to our school is another problem. The stundents  from that school make alot of noise when they play their instruments and this makes it difficult  for us to have our lessons . It would be a good idea to have a soundproof building.

                 Thanks you for your time


                                                             John karaklas


Thanks for inviting me to come with you.

Hello Alex,

Thanks for inviting me to come with you. Congratulations of your win. We can go on Saturday afternoon, because I have not any lesson. I think the better film that we can see is the second on whitch speaks about humans moving to another planet because in some years maybe we will can travel to other planets and this film will teach us how we can go and what we will can do there. My brother needs to come with us because he loves space and he will be very excited! Send me back about the time and where we will can meet to go there together.

With love,


An email to the principal

Dear Mr Zafiriou!

I am writing this email to inform you about the problems in our school. I am a student in our Music School and we want more classes to have our Music lessons. The classrooms are too small to fit our musical intruments and we are many stundets trying to find some space to rehearse.

I would also suggest moving to another building away from the 5th school because we have to share our playgroynd and this is difficult for us. If we go to another building we will have a lot of bigger classes and our own playground to play and have our P.E. lessons.

Thank you for your consideration


Jim Neiros

My PC(computer)

Hey guys

Today I told you about my PC(computer).If you like it like this post!

First I told you about my keyboard.My keyboard has lights on color green,blue,purple,a little pink and red.This keyboard is cool and very good.Now I told you about my mouse.First of all my mouse has lights too but it change every 5 seconds and its Alcatroz mark but for a so good mouse it cost 17 dollars so go by it fast.Also for my mouse I have a mouse pad that cost 5 dollars and it was Havic mark, also it was on medium size.Last I told you about my computer that it was not so good but this can be so good with new cards ROM RAM and others.

If you read that leave a comment bye and thanks for reading.


An email to Bessie.

Hello  Bessie!

Great to hear you. Thanks for invited me to come with you and I will come.

I need to meet together because I don’t know about the time that I will go and I don’t know where is the planetarium. I am very excited to come because I had never gone in a planetarium before. My sister thanks you for invited her to come with us but she can’t come because she is away from here.

I will wait to answer me with love,


My opinion for the future of languages.

If in the future the most languages will disappear, the people won’t understand each other and the life won’t have meaning. The languages now are good because when we are traveling in different countries, we can hear and learn more interesting languages. Also, we need to learn new languages because when we go in another place to live, we will need to work there and if we know this country’s language, we will find easier a job.

From this we can understand that if all the world had the same language the life would have no matter.

An e-mail for Bessie

Hey Bessie

Great to hear you.Thanks for inveted me for come.Of course i will come.

We need to meet for tell about it because I dont know where it is, what time is it and who much time we spend there.I am so exited to come because I never come in a planetarium after so why not.Also you will says what we gonna see there everythink you put is going to be my first time is sees that.

My sister thanks you for inveted her to but she was on school trip on Germany with shes class so he didn’t come

I will wait you to answered me

With love Laura


An email

Hi bessie,

Thank you very much for the invitation I will come and I will be very happy to see you.

First of all, my sister will not be able to come because she will have a lesson. Do you want to be in the park at 6 o’clock and from there to go to the planetarium together. Then we can go for a walk and eat somewhere to have a good time.

Give many greetings to your family. See you. many kisses your best friend ariadni!

KEDU English School