Birthday in front of a phone!    

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk about our birthdays which pass in front of a phone. It’s very difficult to admit that, but it’s true. First of all , when we are celebrating our birthday it’s reasonable to want to take some photos so that these moments can stay in your mind. But the majority of people, and basically the teenagers and the grown-ups, want to upload these photos in the mass media. Even though we can’t understand that this action is destructive for us, because many people will comment on our photos and this traps us to be constantly in front of the phone because we must always answer them. If we don’t do that, the other people come to the following conclusion: we are rude! And because of that, we have to answer to them. But the more they comment the more we must answer. And the day passes like that and we can’t enjoy our birthday. What we have to do is to not upload photos of our birthdays because we must be constantly in front of our phones and also we mustn’t share our personal moments with others because nowadays many people are evil and bad. These photos are only for us and we take them to stick in our minds these moments so that we can be happy!!! So, we must enjoy our birthdays with our beloved people and not with our phones!!!

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