A Strange Birthday Party!!!

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you’re well!!!! Today I want to talk about a online birthday party that my friends and I organized via Messenger for my best friend John. It was very difficult to be organized because we had to do it online and we had to decide about who would have what and how would the atmosphere be like, for example we had to decide who would have the balloon, the music, the film we would watch. Finally, we managed to agree on who would get what and I had to find the best music. I found a music for a birthday party at first, and then I found a Christmas music to enjoy ourselves. But the strangest thing is that we managed to make the party even though it was online by making a group call in Messenger with the excuse to learn everyone’s news and suddenly I let the music play and my friends brought out the balloons and we all said “Happy Birthday” to John. He was very happy delighted!!! That’s the real meaning the word “friendship”, to think of your friend even though you can’t meet him!!!

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