As soon as Peter reached the hotel, he knew something was wrong…

As soon as Peter reached the hotel, he knew that something was wrong. Peter looked in his backpack to find his passport, but it wasn’t there! He arrived in London that morning and he tried to check in to his hotel. The receptionist asked for his passport. Seeing it was missing he started to panic.
Peter searched for his backpack pockets. Certainly, he had, had it at the airport that morning as he went through passport control. Maybe he lost it when he was having breakfast with his friends at that cosy cafe down the street with the huge and colourful stand which was full of all the newspaper sellers and everyday magazines .” I’ll be back in a couple of minutes ” said to the receptionist.
Peter ran down the street to the cafe. Unfortunately, there was no sign of his passport. Then he reminded me that he changed some traveller’s cheques earlier that morning. Running on down to the bank he breathlessly made his way straight to the cashier. Before Peter could say a single word, he reached inside a drawer and handed his passport for him.
” You forgot to take it with you” he said with a big smile. Peter couldn’t believe his luck. He felt really grateful to the young man for saving him from this terrible disaster!

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