A Story

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera but it wasn’t there. He arrived in England with his friends and sat at a cafe, to spend the morning, and then he wanted t take some photos of them but he couldn’t. One of his friends realized that the front pocket of his backpack was open! Seeing, it was missing he started to panic.
ken immediately started searching his backpack pockets. Certainly, he had had it at the airport that morning where he lost his camera. At first, they tried to remember what they did all day. First, they went to buy ice cream at a local ice cream shop, then they went to the airport and finally they sat at the cafeteria in England. it was clear that ken lost his camera before going to the airport, at the local ice cream shop.
Suddenly the kens phone rang! It was the local ice cream shop. Because this shop was local and right next to Ken’s house they knew his and easily found his phone number from his neighbours. They told him that the waiter found his camera on the table which they sat on. ken felt really relaxed and he said to them if they can keep it in the store and when he arrives back to take it. Of course, they said yes.
In conclusion, Ken was feeling really relaxed, calm, and happy, when he found his camera. After all this, he continued his trip to England happily.

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